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Business Challenges

Global Innovation Challenge 2023 
2 July, 2023 - 14 July,2023

It was utterly exciting to be part of this challenge with students joining from different universities around the world. As a part of this challenge we attended lectures on Sourcing Excellence and Decision Making and participated in group work to solve real-life cases for Heidelberg Materials. The entire experience was culturally enriching and informative.

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Community Case Challenge 2023 
6 March, 2023 - 2 May,2023

As a part of the challenge, along with my team, we worked with a start-up in healthcare industry called ComfyHand. It gave us the opportunity to get first-hand experience in consultancy. Throughout the journey, academic coach and professional coach guided us to reach viable solutions that the start-up was looking for. 

Starting with research, building assumptions on market size and creating income statements to ending with feasible funding options for ComfyHand, continuous loop of communicate with various players in the case helped us to improve the solution each step.

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