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Educational Background and Training


February 2023-January 2024

Masters of Sciences

International Business

School of Business and Economics,

Maastricht University

July 2023-July 2023

Master Course

Sourcing Excellence and Decision Making

University of Mannheim

Business School

October 2020-January 2023

Masters of Sciences

Applied Statistics

Faculty of Sciences and Engineering,

East West University

February 2016-June 2020

Bachelor of Business Administration

Institute of Business Administration,

University of Dhaka


Higher School Certificate 

Chittagong College


Secondary School Certificate

B.M.S Girls' High School and College

My master's with a specialization in Marketing-Finance includes advanced knowledge of  analyzing financial aspects of a product as well as of strategic decision making in promoting and developing  products to create financial value. I along with my teams, have developed business plan for a new financial product which mitigates food volatility risk as well as consulted "Panos" on reducing food waste. The curriculum helped me to build an in-depth understanding of consumer psychology and shareholder value creation. Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach is enabling me to actively participate in groups to deliver solutions of different business problems.

Thesis report: The Interplay of Social Conformity Cues and Pricing Cues to Influence Consumer Willingness to Buy: An Experimental Research on Fabric Conditioner.

This course included an in-depth knowledge on sourcing and German economy. It provided with insightful opportunities of quarry visit, Heidelberg castle visit and Mannheim city tour. Through working on cases on Heidelberg Materials and presenting solutions in diverse teams, we got chance to translate learned knowledge to real-life application.

This degree helped me equip advanced knowledge and practical skills in statistical concepts, research methods and decision-making in diverse fields. The program emphasizes real-world applications by using statistical methods to solve problems in various industries. It aimed to gain proficiency in statistical software and learn data visualization techniques. 

Thesis report: Fitting Univariate Forecasting Models to Mobile Network Operators’ Subscribers of Bangladesh

I completed BBA with a major in Finance. My minor courses are Econometrics, Public Finance as well as Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The degree provided a holistic knowledge of  different business aspects including Marketing , Finance, Human Resource, Economics, Accounting, Business Statistics, Organization Management, Business Math, International as well as National Business Environment and Psychology.

Internship Report: Potential of Impact Investment in Agribusiness in Bangladesh.

I received HSC from science group. I gained understanding of calculus, mathematical applications  as well as information and communications technology. Having learned various aspects of science helped me to built a basic foundation that makes it easier to understand products from a range of industries.

After completing primary to higher school, I appeared in SSC from Science background. During this period I was involved in recitation as a part of extra-curriculum activity which earned me couple of awards.



Become a Product Manager

LinkedIn Learning


Data Analytics & Visualization (Excel) Programme

NRB Jobs Training


Excel Skills for Business Specialization


The course provided a holistic overview of  different aspects of product management. On the journey of becoming a product manager, it is important to  review basics from time to time.

Training was organized by bKash Limited's bAcademy and conducted by Microsoft Certified Trainer Md. Anowar Hossain Fakir from NRB Jobs Training. The session provided a thorough training on data analysis using Excel.

The non-credit course was designed by Macquarie University in Coursera.  It taught me to design professional dashboards and perform complex calculations using advanced Excel features on large datasets efficiently. 

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