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Work Experience

Marketing Intern, EMETU Fabric Enhancers
August, 2023 - January, 2024


Primarily focus of my role was supporting projects ranging from new product development to improving package artwork of existing products. It required me to foster seamless collaboration between local teams (UK, Italy, Benelux, France, Nordics, DACH) and global team. I contributed to the projects by conducting portfolio analysis and managing package artwork updating process in local languages (English, Italian, French) with full ownership. I worked closely with teams to ensure compliance with brand guidelines and regulatory requirements ensuring that project objectives and timelines are met.

bKash Limited
Senior Officer, Campaign and Pricing Management
December, 2020 - June, 2022


Over my tenure I maintained two diverse portfolio which are Customer Campaign Management and Merchant lifecycle Management. My task was to design campaigns of selective services for customers and merchants. It required me to identify trends and behavior of 50 million customers and 0.2 million merchants through base analysis. I collaborated with teams to design and communicate updated offers as well as presented progress reports.

As a part of updating merchant products and designing channel campaigns, I briefed regional teams and empowered distribution channel with communication materials. I worked with teams to optimize Merchants Products as per business necessity. 

I got to be part of several product development projects; some of which launched during my tenure were the most significant feature of 2021 : Priyo Agent and product management project in the year of 2022 : Merchant Revamp 2022. I took over after-launch maintenance of Priyo Number feature as well.  As a part of projects I worked on updating pricing of the features. My dedication and effort in my very first year at bKash was recognized with Star Award and GEM award.


download.png Limited
January, 2020 - April, 2020

I had the opportunity to take part in maintaining liaison with SME clients such as Bunon Kutir, Bright Areca, Nilmadhav Handicraft and so on as well as supporting them to develop business by conducting secondary market research, writing articles and performing quality assurance testing of two clients’ websites. I received hands-on experience in drafting business plans and business case memorandums.

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