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Volunteering Experience

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As an ambassador in the ISAP           (International Student Ambassador Program), my role was to assist international students arriving in Maastricht from diverse countries in their adjustment process and help them become familiar with the city. I acted as a welcoming and informative resource for newcomers, offering guidance on various aspects such as local culture, academic life, administrative procedures and social integration. Through orientations, events and one-on-one interactions, I aimed to create a supportive and inclusive environment for international students, ensuring they had a smooth transition and a positive experience during their time in Maastricht.


I got chance to work with organizations that are built on a disruptive business model. I provided support as Computer Trainer to students with Autism Spectrum Disorder at InclusionX        . Teaching the extraordinary students computing lessons was a two-way learning process. My work was to ensure digital inclusion of students and in return I learned the unique perspective of processing any situation from my students. It is very important to understand which teaching technique would fit for which student. A bond created with students is something I will always cherish.


Sporsho Foundation         is the first organization in Bangladesh to have published Braille books for the visually challenged people. I got the opportunity to provide support to the team in organizing book launch events. I maintained liaison with fund doners and assisting the founder, Nazia Jabeen in events.

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