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It was a great experience to get familiarize with consultancy tasks through visiting Düsseldorf office and presenting solutions for a case.


Kearney IMP3ROVE
30 May, 2023

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Coach Cafe 
18 April, 2023

It was an interesting opportunity to talk about career paths, ambitions and goals with alumni and fellow students. Such occasions have a great influence on understanding where we stand.

I had the opportunity to attend Guest Lecture followed by Training and Recruitment Dinner by Accenture. The training session and lecture enabled us to dive into our own potential so that we can utilize it to find our ways in corporate setting.


13 March, 2023


9 March, 2023

In the workshop, along with other teammates we constructed a timeline for company's transformation from product selling to solution selling. It was incredible to witness how different team approached the solution differently. 

With my team, we presented marketing strategies for a niche fragrance range "Les Destinations" . Our strategies focused both online and offline channel. Partnership with hotel and airline as well as Instagram campaigns were proposed. Methods used were QR codes, influencer collaboration and so on. 


Mäurer & Wirtz GmbH & Co. KG
8 March, 2023

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8 March, 2023

The workshop was an interesting one where we had the chance to get introduced to ERP. It was an immersive experience as the software was put to us through playing a business game.

It was about solving a investment case. Doing the case was a journey of revision through the construction of different elements in statement.

8 March, 2023


Art and Practice of Leadership -

Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC)

19 July, 2020 -23 July, 2020


The interactive workshop gave insight on leadership, critical thinking and emotional intelligence. We worked in groups to solve practical cases as well as made individual presentations on the topics. I was chosen along with two others to give speech on graduation day.

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